Overpaying for InSAR?

Due to the limited number of competitors in the InSAR space, many mining companies are over-paying for services or receiving services that are completely unneccessary

MineVU is knowledgeable about exactly are the limitations of certain technologies in regards to InSAR. As an example, the use of ascending and descending on a single scene with InSAR does not improve the resolution of mine-site images or give better insights. Mining companies paying for these services should immediately stop.

Data processing is a large part of providing reports for clients in the InSAR space. The order of magnitude and complexity by combining ascending and descending models is substantially more difficult and the likelihood of human error is very high.

The budget used on the ascending/descending could have been half as much by using only ascending or only descending. MineVu is familiar with new technologies that could improve the accuracy, speed, and cost of InSAR reports. Let us back-test your current services and see if you are receiving good value.

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