Radar Interferometry

Radar Interferometry (SAR) was developed after WWII. The first experiments were done with use of aircraft. Only for the last 20 years have InSAR satellites been used to measure distance upon the world’s topography. With all the potential for atmospheric noise due to the sheer distance, the promises made by companies are disingenuous.
We are coming full circle. InSAR does not provide mm accuracy as posed by the largest InSAR service providers in the world. While not a bold-faced lie, noise from the atmosphere interferes with the measurements so much that movements that are particularly small could have real repercussions if not noticed should take InSAR with a grain-of-salt.
The best use case has been proved to be mining due to the large changes in the topography of an area. All other industries should be highly skeptical of InSAR and we welcome any companies paying for InSAR. Any organizations paying for InSAR in tropical environments or areas that include rain-shadows should be highly avoidant or skeptical of the promises and assurances that InSAR providers give.

MineVu has proven methods to determine milimetre resolution InSAR is actually not with satellites, but with the use of UAV in those said regions which cannot be supported by current techniques. If you are interested in this contact us directly through us this form or by Whatsapp found on the homepage.

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