MineVu’s InSAR Monitoring

Monitoring provides you with updates on the earth’s ground movement or displacement

Minevu’s Innovative Radar Interferometer Solution (InSAR) for accurate measurement of soil deformation and structural stability from space in millimeters. Based on radar satellite images, Atlas InSAR’s advanced processing provides millions of measurement points in areas of interest, either construction or maintenance. 

 Throughout all project phases of design, construction, and operation, satellite monitoring can provide both a comprehensive map of a wide range of terrain behavior and a high-resolution, detailed analysis of individual structures. 

 MineVu InSAR is a remote sensing technology that provides results without onsite intervention and is a supportive and cost-effective tool for risk management and instrumentation network optimization.

MineVu InSAR is playing an increasingly important role in monitoring and mitigating the effects of natural and man-made terrestrial sources.

We use operational Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite technology to acquire photos over your area you want us to monitor, worldwide.

Providing a time series of heliocentric and displacement of thousands of measurement points in near real-time. 

Depending on your monitoring needs, you can use an ongoing monitoring program to ensure delivery of InSAR displacement data at different times, from quarterly to weekly, to a national range.

Range Area

Regional to national scales with Sentinel-1

Up-to-date earth movement information is monitored and provided to end-users, by the access to free real-time Sentinel-1 data.

Continuous Monitoring

In-time delivery of results for every new satellite data for the benefit of the operation.

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